Promenade Group

Lead Software Engineer

I currently lead a multi-national engineering team at Promenade, deploying new functionality on our custom eCommerce SaaS platform. Using Kanban, we build out new functionality for better eCommerce user experiences, improve our partner dashboards and ease partner onboarding experiences.

W.C. Bradley

Senior Software Engineer

I lead the team in Magento 2 Cloud full-stack development. At the end of our two-week sprint cycles, I coordinated and oversaw deployment of the sprint's code to production environments. Sprint tasks ranged in complexity, from accessibility improvements to maintain ADA compliance, to new features to integrate back-end order and warehouse management systems.

In 2020, I single-handedly designed and developed American Gourmet, a Craft CMS site using VueJS for enhanced user experience.

In late 2019, we began migrating all Magento 1 instances to Magento 2. We built out fully customized themes, order and warehouse integrations, and Magento 2 Pagebuilder support for both Oklahoma Joe's and Char-Broil US properties.

Communicorp, Inc.

Software Engineer

In 2015, I developed a Ruby on Rails application that served to automate repeatable processes for the Marketing Technology department. This application tracked in-progress projects for our team and served as a dashboard to provide visibility for salespeople and managers. It also sent automated emails when projects were nearing their completion date.

In 2013 I designed, developed, and maintained the company website using WordPress as a CMS. For this project, I managed servers, got business buy-in for design and functionality, and finally built a fully-custom mobile-first responsive experience using WordPress's custom post types, fields, and AJAX.

Shortly after starting, I began designing and developing websites using the Pageflex web-to-print storefront. Using Pageflex, clients could instantiate variables in their designs, and have that data populated via Pageflex's web forms.

Auburn University

B.F.A. in Graphic Design

Program taught core design principles and practical applications, supported by a strong foundation in drawing and design.